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Did you ever see the Addams family movies? I’m sure you did! Well they’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky, it’s the Addams Family!. They have to be the weirdest family around since the Munsters but you really can’t help but love their wicked ways and now you have the chance to dress up as a member of their family in a quality Addams Family Costume. Whether it’s Gomez, Wednesday, Lurch, Morticia or even Fester you want to dress up as, we have surely got some surprises in store for you today.

One idea would even be to dress your entire family as the Addams Family clan and go to your next party dressed up as Gomez, Morticia and the two lovable rogues, Wednesday and Pugsley. It’ll certainly be a unique way to turn up.

mortica-addams-family-costumeAddams Family Morticia Costume

Morticia Addams is the real head of the Addams Family, although Gomez doesn’t like to think so! She is the wife of Gomez Addams and the Daughter of Grandma Addams. She is also the loving mother of both Pugsley and Wednesday.

You too can join the Addams Family as a look a like for Morticia Addams this Halloween in a spooky Morticia Addams Family Costume. This costume outfit is a black and spooky looking one with a long black fitted dress made from nylon, it’s the perfect scary Halloween outfit. The dress has a v-neck and is finished off with a black braid. The outfit also has full length jagged edge sleeves and a fanned style tail which adds to the overall effect.

This dress is available in medium and large adult sizes and is an officially licensed product of the Addams Family range, so you can expect high quality with this one.

The costume would be finished off very nicely with the addition of some great optional accessories for just a few extra bucks such as a Morticia Wig, some Nail Polish or some Witch adult shoes.

Addams Family Gomez Costumegomez-addams-family-costume

Gomez is the head of the Addams Family or at least that’s what he thinks but Morticia knows better. Gomez is the loving husband of Mortica, father of Wednesday & Pugsley and the brother of Uncle Fester Addams. Gomez really does bring meaning to the terms Creepy and Kooky.

This costume is going to be a lot of fun and give you a lot of laughs and no one else will be thinking of turning up to their next Halloween party dressed as Gomez Addams, I can assure you of that.

This Addams Family Gomez costume is purple and black stripe and is made from two separate parts, the top and the pants.The top, or jacket, has a red silky effect shirt inset and a black bow tie to finis it off. The pants are purple and black striped also to match the style of the jacket.

This costume would be perfectly finished with a black mustache, a jumbo cigar or a nice set of black Loafer shoes. You could also get your wife to dress up as Morticia and go as the perfect Addams Family husband and wife.

wednesday-addams-family-costumeAddams Family Wednesday Costume

Wednesday Addams is the weird and moody daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, she is a typical Gothic teenager. If you and your wife are thinking of going to the Halloween party dressed as Gomez and Mortica then why not get your daughter to dress up as Wednesday.

This adult costume is for those ages above the age of 14 as there is an alternative child version available. The costume consists of a short black dress which as an over sized large white collar along with over sized white cuffs. The stress has a black belt with white buckle which finishes off the effect of the dress nicely.

This outfit would be nicely finished off with some black pump shoes, a Addams Family Wednesday Wig in black and a pair of black pantyhose, all of which can be bought at the same time for just a few extra bucks.

Addams Family Uncle Fester Costumeuncle-fester-addams-family-costume

It’s the long lost brother of Gomez Addams, lost into the bermuda triangle some ten years previously, Fester Addams turns up on the doorstep of the Addams Family who finally welcome him into their home. Fester is also the loving Uncle of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, always offering a friendly ear to his niece and nephew.

This Uncle Fester Costume has to be one of the scariest looking ones out of all the Addams Family. It has pretty much everything you are going to need to look just like the famous Uncle Fester this Halloween. It includes the balding Uncle Fester mask which is pale in color and has big black effect rings/bags around the eyes, a full length robe which is held closed with a “Monk style” robe belt.

This costume is a one-size fits all and should fit most adults. It would be perfectly finished off with some black makeup, a pair of black shoes and some professional male tights.

About The Addams Family

The Addams Family are a weird and wonderfully eccentric family you are incredibly wealthy but completely oblivious to the fact that people seem to find them and their spooky ways very weird and very frightening.

The Addams Family Clann consist of a group of about 9 or so individuals including Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Thing, Cousin It, Grandma and Gomez. Gomez Addams is the head of the Addams Family household. He is married to Mortica Addams and is the father of the two weird Addams children, Wednesday and Pugsley.

Gomez is a very successful business man and an eccentric entrepreneur who seems to have very little regard for money or wastage of it. He has made some very stupid investments in the past which have actually ended up turning around and becoming very successful. Once such example includes the time he purchased some swamp land which ended up having an oil deposit on it. Gomez Addams is incredibly generous and kind natured.

The Addams have had a successfully TV series as well as several other spin offs including the Addams Family Fun House and Halloween with the New Addams Family. Some 15 or so years later the Addams family starred in their own movie series of three movies, the first two being more successful than the third. The third film, The Addams Family Reunion, lead to the inception of a new TV series which ran 1998 – 1999 an was called The New Addams Family.

The Addamses have also been seen in many animated tv shows as well as their own range of computer video games and the best selling pinball game in history.

This best selling pinball game in history wasn’t even that special in all honesty, the major difference with this game from others of it’s kind was that it was programmed to “auto-flip” at certain points through the game, something few other games did at that time. The only game which did auto-flip had appeared on Williams Palisades back in 1953.

Surprisingly to everyone this game actually smashed all previous gaming records as far as sales went. In 1994 the games was made in a special run of limited edition machines which had areas made from gold.The idea for this was originally conceived by the designer Pat Lawlor.