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Wednesday Addams Wig

If you are attending a fancy dress party this Halloween then I’m sure you will want to look the best that you can with the costumes available. Why not wear something spooky and kooky this year and get yourself dressed up as the lovable but miserable young teenager known only as Wednesday. There are two ways you can do this, you can either purchase a Wednesday Addams costume or you can make your own costume by wearing a white blouse, black jumper and a black skirt, then you can buy a Wednesday Addams wig. If you really feel adventurous then why not get the whole family to dress up as the Addams’es, look for an Addams Family Costume now.

There are a couple of Wednesday Addams wigs available to buy on the market which you can get your hands on, the first is a simple but quality looking wig and the second is a Deluxe Wednesday Addams Family wig.

deluxe-wednesday-addams-wigDeluxe Wednesday Addams Family Wig

This deluxe Wig is a perfect match to exactly how Wednesday Addams looks in the movies, after all you won’t look exactly like her if you don’t have the black braids that she has. This Wednesday Addams wig is styled into a centeral parting and made from skinny black hair. The hair runs down and forms two long, black pigtails which sit below shoulder length.

This wig is gaurenteed to make you stand out from everyone else this Halloween, if you couple it with a sexy costume style then you can be sure to win all the prizes available for the best dressed.

Addams Family Wednesday Addams Wigwednesday-addams-wig

This wig is a little cheaper than the Deluxe Wednesday wig which is shown above but it still gives the overall effect you are going to be looking for at Halloween. This will be the perfect addition to any Wednesday Addams costume.

The wig is black in color and braided in style. Like the Deluxe wig shown above it has two black pig tails that sit just above shoulder height.

When purchasing your wig this year, don’t forget to get yourself a wig cap to prevent your head from itching the whole time.

Wednesday Addams in the spooky and kooky character who we all know and love from the movie Addams Family, she has also been in all of the Addams Family Sequals. Although Wednesday Addams tries her best to appear grown up she is actually just like every other awkward teen in the world.


Mortica Addams Wig

mortica-addams-family-wigMay you are thinking of dressing up this Halloween and you want to go as someone slightly spooky but also sexy at the same time. Well if that’s the case then why not choose to dress as Mortica Addams from the classic Addams Family, you don’t even have to purchase the costume if you really don’t want to or if you’re on a budget, you can just get yourself a Mortica Addams Wig.

All you will need is a long black dress of some sort which is slightly open at the time to give that gothic but sexy look. You will then need to get yourself some nice dark red lipstick and some dark costume jewelry to go along with it, such as a necklace or wristband. Then for footwear you should have a black shiney pair of stilletto heeled shoes which are just covered slightly by the dress.

This entire costume will be finished off perfectly with a Mortica Addams deluxe wig from If you don’t want to go to all that effort then you can spend a few extra dollars and add a Mortica Addams Family costume to your deluxe wig and you will look just fantastic.