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Gomez Costume

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Any man who knows the Gomez Addams character from the popular Addams Family programs will know the type of charismatic and smart individual he is. He always wears great looking clothes, knows about fine art, fine wine and fine food, Gomez also knows how to treat his family. He also adores his wife Morticia Addams.

So if you’re looking for couples costume ideas this Halloween, a family costume idea or even just a single costume idea then have you considered an Addams Family costume. There are several characters who you can purchase costumes for from the shops including Gomez, Lurch, Morticia, Fester, Pugsley and Wednesday. These are the most commonly worn and purchased costumes.

gomez costume

If you’re looking for a good couples costume idea then maybe a Gomez and Morticia couples costume might be the sort of thing you want to wear.

Any Gomez costume you get will need a few essential items in order to make it look truly authentic, these are things you need to keep in mind whether you’re buying the costume or whether you’re making the costume.

Look At The Gomez Costumes Available

To make your costume look good you are going to need to wear a smart pin-striped black suit with smar black trousers. If you haven’t already got one yourself you will also need to get yourself a fake moustache, or if you’ve got the time you could even grow one!

To top the costume off you will also need some sort of smart bow-tie and a plain white shirt. The overall look you are going for is smart and sophisticated with a touch of class about it.

If you don’t have the time to put your own costume together then you can get your hands on an Addams Family Gomez costume for a pretty cheap price. The most common costume sold by most outlets is the one shown in the image here, it’s an officially licensed Addams Family product and as such you can expect top quality.

The costume comes complete with everything you need to look just like Gomez Addams with the pin-striped suit, black smart shirt and a red bow-tie.

To complete the costume you need to add your very own pair of smart shoes, a thin line moustache and a fake cigar.

When you’re wearing your costume this year please remember what type of person Gomez is, he’s a charismatic millionaire who is loved by the ladies. It’s therefore really important that you act like a ladies millionaire.

Other costumes you might want to consider staying with the Addams Family theme are a Morticia costume or a Wednesday costume.

Morticia Costume

Any women who knows the Mortica character will know that she is truly in control of the Addams Family, get control this Halloween in a great looking Mortica Addams costume.

For a fantastic selection of Addams Family costumes, in particular Mortica costumes, stay right here because at Addams Family Costume we have just the costumes you’ve being searching the Internet trying to find. Our range of Mortica costumes come complete in different sizes and varieties including an adult Mortica costume, sexy Mortica costume and child’s Mortica costume.

Whether it’s for Halloween and you need a scary or spooky costume, or it’s for a Gothic theme party, get yourself an Addams Family costume and you won’t go far wrong.

The following are a great example of the types of outfits we have just for you:

adult-mortica-costumeAdult Mortica Costume

This costume is available in sizes medium and large only.

Get yourself in control and look gothically great this Halloween with an Adult Mortica Addams costume. This Mortica costume is just what you’ve being looking for, get your husband to dress up as Gomez and go to your party as the heads of the Addams family.

This authentically licensed Addams Family costume comes complete with the long black dress in a reptile like style which fans out at the bottom. The neckline is in a V-shape and is trimmed around the edges. The dress has long jagged, see through sleeves which have a lace effect.

The costume would be finished off perfectly with the addition of a Mortica Wig.

Sexy Mortica Costumesexy-mortica-costume

This costume is available in various sizes including extra small, small, medium and large.

If you’re looking for something a little more provocative this Halloween then why not try something which is going to really get every one’s attention. Get yourself a deluxe sexy Mortica Addams costume at a low, low price.

You will look like a little sweetie this Halloween when you wear this costume, your Gomez won’t be able to keep his eyes off you for sure. This costume comes complete with a gorgeous long and sexy black dress which has a low cut neckline to show off your cleavage, the open kneck is help in place with a Gothic silver clasp. This costume is beautifully completed with the addition of a nice Mortica wig, all you will need is a little of your own jewellery and a pair of shoes, then you’re all ready to go.

child-mortica-costumeChilds Mortica Costume

This particular costume can be purchased in child sizes small and medium.

You’re not the only one having all the fun this Halloween season, how about involving your little daughter in the act and getting her a costume which she is really going to love.

The child Mortica costume comes complete with the long purple fitted dress which boasts long lace effect sleeves which drape at the side of the dress.

Get your little girl a Mortica wig to add the finishing touches to this costume and she’ll be the envy of all her friends this year.

The Final Word!

If you are attending a Gothic style theme party this year and are looking for a gothic costume then don’t forget to check out all of the other members of the Addams Family for costume ideas. You could get your whole family dressed up just like a member of the Addams Family, even Cousin IT or Lurch if you so choose.

Wednesday Costume

She’s Kooky and she’s spooky, she’s altogether kooky, she’s lovely and she’s a cutie it’s Wednesday from the Addams Family! She’s the weird and wonderful grumpy teenage daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, she’s also one of the most popular characters of the Addams Family movies. As well as Mortica costumes and Gomez costumes, we also have a range of

Wednesday Addams Family costumes at the very best prices online, sourced from the best online outlets and bought right to you.

If you want an Addams Family costume are currently available for sale online with free shipping when you place an order over $65. Specificially, there are a few Wednesday costumes available to buy, you can get:

Sexy Wednesday Addams Costume

This adult Halloween outfit is going to be a real top seller this year and you really need to get yourself one today as stocks aren’t going to last very long. This sexy costume comes complete with everything you are going to need to really stand out from the crowd and look stunning this Halloween season.

This sexy Wednesday Addams Family costume comes complete with the all in one outfit and includes the top, skirt and knee highs. The top of this costume comes in Wednesday’s favourite color; black and includes a low cut open neck with a white collar and matching white cuffs. The skirt matches the top perfectly and is black in color and sits quite a few inches above the knees, making it look really sexy and appealing. The costume is nicely completed with the addition of a pair of black and white striped knee highs which would look great with the addition of a pair of black sandals or pumps.

You will be guaranteed to look a proper little sweetie this Halloween season in this sexy adult costume. It comes in sizes X-small, small and medium.

If you want to add the full finishing touches to Wednesday costume then why not grab yourself a deluxe Wednesday Wig to go along with it.

Child Wednesday Addams Costumewednesday-addams-child-costume

It’s not just the adults who should be having fun this Halloween, why not get your child a really cool looking Wednesday Addams child costume for their next Halloween fancy dress party or trick ‘or treat outing? This costume will be perfect for any child who wants to have a bit of fun this year and who wants to stand out and look different to all of their friends.

This child Halloween costume includes everything that your little girl is going to need this year to look just like Wednesday Addams, let’s hope she isn’t as mischievous as her! This costume comes complete with the short blac dress which has fitted white cuffs and a matching large white collar. The costume is nicely completed with a black belt.

The costume is currently available to buy in child sizes large and medium, so as long as your child is between the age of 8 and 14 then you should be all good to go.

To add the full finishing touches to this child costume why not add a Wednesday Addams Wig, a pair of black tights and a nice pair of black pumps.

adult-wednesday-addams-costumeAdult Wednesday Addams Costume

The sexy adult Wednesday Addams costume is all very well if you have the confidence to wear it as at first glance it can be a little revealing for some people. So, if you want something a little less revealing and a little more tasteful then why not get yourself a perfectly made Wednesday Addams adult costume for Halloween. You’ll still look exactly like the little cherub but you won’t feel quite as exposed.

The adult Wednesday costume is a high quality, officially licensed Addams Family product and comes in adult sizes medium and large. The costume comes complete with a Wednesday Addams black dress which incorporates a large white collar and matching cuffs and a black belt and silver buckle.

This costume could be completed with the addition of just a couple of things; a pair of plain black tights and a Wednesday Wig. What are you waiting for, get yours today.

The Addams Family maybe kooky and they maybe spooky but they are still the most popular family on the block around the Halloween season. You can get yourself a Addams Family Costume and look different from everyone else, you can look like Gomez, Morticia, Lurch, Fester, Wednesday or even Cusin ITT.