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Morticia Costume

Any women who knows the Mortica character will know that she is truly in control of the Addams Family, get control this Halloween in a great looking Mortica Addams costume.

For a fantastic selection of Addams Family costumes, in particular Mortica costumes, stay right here because at Addams Family Costume we have just the costumes you’ve being searching the Internet trying to find. Our range of Mortica costumes come complete in different sizes and varieties including an adult Mortica costume, sexy Mortica costume and child’s Mortica costume.

Whether it’s for Halloween and you need a scary or spooky costume, or it’s for a Gothic theme party, get yourself an Addams Family costume and you won’t go far wrong.

The following are a great example of the types of outfits we have just for you:

adult-mortica-costumeAdult Mortica Costume

This costume is available in sizes medium and large only.

Get yourself in control and look gothically great this Halloween with an Adult Mortica Addams costume. This Mortica costume is just what you’ve being looking for, get your husband to dress up as Gomez and go to your party as the heads of the Addams family.

This authentically licensed Addams Family costume comes complete with the long black dress in a reptile like style which fans out at the bottom. The neckline is in a V-shape and is trimmed around the edges. The dress has long jagged, see through sleeves which have a lace effect.

The costume would be finished off perfectly with the addition of a Mortica Wig.

Sexy Mortica Costumesexy-mortica-costume

This costume is available in various sizes including extra small, small, medium and large.

If you’re looking for something a little more provocative this Halloween then why not try something which is going to really get every one’s attention. Get yourself a deluxe sexy Mortica Addams costume at a low, low price.

You will look like a little sweetie this Halloween when you wear this costume, your Gomez won’t be able to keep his eyes off you for sure. This costume comes complete with a gorgeous long and sexy black dress which has a low cut neckline to show off your cleavage, the open kneck is help in place with a Gothic silver clasp. This costume is beautifully completed with the addition of a nice Mortica wig, all you will need is a little of your own jewellery and a pair of shoes, then you’re all ready to go.

child-mortica-costumeChilds Mortica Costume

This particular costume can be purchased in child sizes small and medium.

You’re not the only one having all the fun this Halloween season, how about involving your little daughter in the act and getting her a costume which she is really going to love.

The child Mortica costume comes complete with the long purple fitted dress which boasts long lace effect sleeves which drape at the side of the dress.

Get your little girl a Mortica wig to add the finishing touches to this costume and she’ll be the envy of all her friends this year.

The Final Word!

If you are attending a Gothic style theme party this year and are looking for a gothic costume then don’t forget to check out all of the other members of the Addams Family for costume ideas. You could get your whole family dressed up just like a member of the Addams Family, even Cousin IT or Lurch if you so choose.